20 Gigantic Cats Who Clearly Aren’t Kittens Anymore

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To get a cat or a dog? That is the question! Some may use the size factor to make their decision, because cats are smaller, right? Mostly yes, but not always…

These pet cats prove a feline friend can be a handful. They are gigantic! Cats that will be the best squishy cuddle buddy but a tad on the scary side. I would NOT want a scratch from one of these guys! Imagine the fur clean up too! You could probably make a rug during shedding season.

Some people sell hypo-allergenic items, right? You could sell hyper-allergenic items; it’s an idea. Remember: when it comes time to feed the little ones to follow your vet or the bags’ directions and know when too much is too much.

8. And the newest 2015 model comes equipped with 20lbs of fur…


9. Magnify x100.
10. *Heavy breathing.

11. When small/regular cat meets the big cat who clearly lives up the bean stalk.
12. I smells tuna?
13. Newest romcom: When Shames met Potato the unlikely couple that could.
14. Belly for days.