$400 Million Luxury Yacht Goes On Its First Sailing Test

A considerable measure of very rich people far and wide have extravagance yachts yet one of the greatest has now been seen cruising in Germany. The monster yacht is possessed by Andrey Melnichenko, who this year positioned 139th in the Forbes extremely rich people list.The yacht is called Sailing Yacht An and is not hard to see why it costs $400 million. The vessel makes whatever other watercraft close it look little. The Sailing Yacht A, which is the most recent in his armada, was on its first cruising test when the principal pictures surfaced.The Sailing Yacht A, which is said to be one of the biggest cruising yachts on the planet, took over four years to assemble. The Russian very rich person supposedly requested the extravagance yacht in March 2011. What does the $400 million extravagance yacht accompany?400-million-luxury-yacht-goes-on-its-first-sailing-test1

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