Combi Camp Flexi Tent & Trailer

Designed for families looking for a lot of beds and taking along loads of stuff. The FLEXI has 6 beds and a huge luggage space up to 1000 – 1500 liters (219 – 329 gallons). During wintertime, the FLEXI Tent&Trailer can serve as transporter for chopping wood etc. With a tare weight from 400 kg (880 pounds) the trailer is extremely light, which also goes for the investment needed.

The looks of the tent are unmistakeable Combi-Camp, but the Flexi is a completely new addition to the product range. Typical Combi-Camp is the all-in-one concept. The difference lies in the way you can add or leave out the different modules:

  • Luggagetrailer
  • Tenttrailer
  • Transporter

The modular platform of the Flexi can be used all year round.


What you always get with a FLEXI:

  • Automatic awning
  • Windshields on both sides
  • Two double bedspring beds
  • Luggage room / childrens tent
  • Windows in sleeping cabins
  • Braked axle


What you always get with a FLEXI Tent&Trailer:

  • 219 gallons luggage space
  • Packing/unpacking with tent folded up
  • Dismountable tent-unit


What you always get with a FLEXI Comfort:

  • 219 – 329 gallons luggage space
  • Fitted kitchen

The tent is comfortable thanks to the use of material and ventilation possibilities. Even when it rains, you have an all-round view, even from your bed.