Facehugger Octopus Latches On To Diver’s Face

The eight-tentacled ocean animal propelled itself at the man and declined to give up even in the wake of being brought over the sea’s surface.

The man figured out how to catch the frightening minute with a submerged camera, which demonstrates the eight-tentacled ocean animal jumping at his swimming veil.

Utilizing its suckers, the octopus joined itself solidly to the man’s face and declined to discharge its grip.The man can be seen battling for air, and notwithstanding reemerging over the water trying to isolate the animal.

In the end, the jumper figures out how to turn his camera around, demonstrating viewers the octopus sticking to his skin.


After some time, he figures out how to expel the octopus from his face, yet the animal keeps on adhering to the skin on his arm and hand.