Here is What Happens When You Put Piece Of Onion In Your Ear

Natural remedies are the best when it comes to solving your physical woes. You don’t need some manufactured, synthetic medication you cannot pronounce but you do need Mother Nature and she has got you covered.

Onions are a wonder-vegetable and you probably never gave them any mind other than cursing then at dinner prep when they punch you in the feels. As you will see from this list, onions do wonders for your health, even when you apply them topically. Check out this list of onion health hacks and watch yourself get better faster than you can say “whats that smell?”.

1. Cough No More

Onions make for a highly effective cough syrup (though you’re breath probably won’t be the greatest). Coughing? “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


2. Too Cool For A Fever

This is great if you have kids! A cold bath is a pretty traumatizing way to bring down a fever, especially for babies. A better way to get that temperature down is to put onion slices in their socks. After they’re in bed with their newest organic footwear, put a cloth soaked in apple-cider vinegar on their forehead and explain to your SO that this is not a voodoo ritual. The fever should be gone in no time.

3. Got A Cold? Not For Long!

Onions are smelly and make you cry but they have a great side too. This amazing vegetable cures colds and in the most natural way possible. Boil an union in tea or literally eat an onion raw and watch yourself get better in a few hours.

4. Onions Do Wonders For Earaches And More

Any one who’s ever had an earache knows the struggle of wanting to jump out of your own head. For people who have frequent earaches, this can be a pretty debilitating problem. The simplest solution to this problem is to take the innermost part of the onion, known as the ‘heart’. Onions have such incredible anti-inflammatory properties, they will significantly decrease the pain of the earache and soften the wax in your ear for easier removal. Do this before bed and feel worlds better in the morning.