Jerky Bot, Drone That Follows You Around With Beef Jerky

Can I interest you in a third hand? Because now, thanks to drone developer Andy Shen, you can kind of have one so long as you just want to use it to hold your beef jerky while your other hands are occupied. Chef’s Cut Real Jerky and Shen combined forces to develop Jerky Bot, a half-drone/serving dish that’s self-automated to follow its owner around with a helping of jerky.

“The JerkyBot is essentially an autonomous flying snack tray part butcher block, part drone, and programmed to follow its user at a specific distance and height, keeping the snack in arm’s reach,” said Shen. “Most autonomous drones today are focused on video recording, but we saw a new opportunity: personal snack delivery.”


We’ve seen plenty of drones wield food before from 7-Eleven, Domino’s, and Chipotle but never in such a personal manner. If the idea of having a machine that depends on blades whirling at great speed to stay afloat near your head or in your house terrifies you, they thought of that too.

“We had to design the JerkyBot as a fully enclosed drone, so that even when you’re not looking, trying to grab a snack, you won’t accidentally slice your fingers in the propellers,” Shen said.

If you want to see this bad boy in action, let almost-retired Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortizshow you in the video below and join us in wondering why the floating cutting board has to stop at just beef jerky.