Rapid Peeler Quickly Peel Fruits, Vegetables Efficiently

A mechanical peeler is a crank operated device that peels apples and optionally cores and slices them in one motion. When the slicer is enabled it cuts a normal apple into a helical shape. It is designed to work on apples but will also peel a number of other fruits and vegetables such as pears, beetroot, potatoes, cucumbers and thick carrots.

Efficient and effortless, the Dash Go Rapid Peeler removes a thin ribbon of skin from almost any fruit and/or vegetable without waste or effort. Best of all, it’s cordless, includes two cutter blades and is BPA Free.

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The Rapid Peeler quickly peels potatoes, apples, zucchini, mangos, kiwi, squash, grapefruit, sweet potato, oranges, lemons, onions and more!

There are numerous designs of peelers used today. Most handheld peelers are either straight or Y-type, while the particular designs vary depending on region and personal preference.

If you want to Buy Visit the link: Buy HERE