These Snakes Are No Match Against These Killer Spiders

In This Battle, ‘Size Doesn’t Matter.’

If someone were to ask us to name at least five creatures that are most likely to give us nightmares, I bet snakes and spiders would always be included in our lists. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as both are venomous, nasty-looking predators that, unfortunately, have long been associated with evil and witchcraft.

However, arachnids do represent mystery, power, and growth as well while serpents typify healing, transformation, rebirth, life force, and primal energy.

#1. This will probably give you nightmares

#2. No one! No one messes with a red back spider

Clearly, these creatures symbolize strength. So if these two were to combat each other, which of them do you think will come out as the victor? Can a long, legless, slithering serpent easily prey on a hairy, eight-legged, creepy crawler?

If you think arachnids are no match serpents, think again. Below are ten actual photos of huge snakes that succumbed to those itsy, bitsy spiders. And most of them came from the Land Down Under.

#3. You wouldn’t want to see this in your basement

#4. Blurry, but still as disgusting

#5. Just horrible!

#6. This was found in the break room of an office in Australia

#7. This little guy’s fearless!snake-vs-spider-5

#8. Dinner for two?snake-vs-spider-6

#9. Okay, maybe this one is not THAT smallsnake-vs-spider-4

#10. This orb weaver spider will definitely enjoy its mealsnake-vs-spider-2