TrustBag Strongest Bag On Earth Looks Like a Gym Bag!

This all-rounder will blow you away!

Anything that’s functional mostly looks unappealing. All these special security bags for the next holiday look like green/khaki/whatever bullshit. Something you would never wear in front of people you know and which looks more like the style of some scared 72 year old guy from Miami who is worried about his humongous camera in Papua New Guinea!

So to do something about that, we designed the strongest and coolest bag. Just for you: The TrustBag!

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The most impressive thing about the TrustBag?
Its very special material – Polyethylene!

The TrustBag is a very unique combination of strong and extraordinary materials. It’s handwoven out of high-molecular Polyethylene (HMWPE) and other state-of-the-art fibers. HMWPE is used in industry and the army because it’s consistent and durable against cuts. Quite cool! 

If you want to Buy Visit the link: Buy HERE

But what is Polyethylene? In 1898, the German chemist Hans von Pechmann synthesized it by accident. Later on Polyethylene was found to have the useful ability to block high frequency waves.

Because of its unique characteristics, we decided that it’s the perfect fabric for the TrustBag. It’s not available on the free market, and is only used by the army for armor and security clothing, though we managed to get ahold of it for our product.

Strong, therefore scratchy? Nay! You might think that a fabric that strong and resistant has a rough or unpleasant feel. But it’s completely the opposite. The TrustBag is super soft and skin-friendly!

Does the TrustBag look like a nerd-bag? Well, it doesn’t! We designed a very clean, simple appearance, so it fits universally with anything. The TrustBag comes in blue or grey and because it’s UV-resistant, the color doesn’t faint.

Make a bunny happy! Cruelty-free style: the TrustBag is 100% vegan!

If you want to Buy Visit the link: Buy HERE